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I write music for a living.  Typically, a composition forms in my head before I even pick up an instrument and often, the center piece of an idea will evolve by experimenting with a sound or a piece of gear in my studio in the initial stages of the process.  Although my primary skills as a performer are as a singer and a guitarist, I employ a much more expansive palette for my adventures in film, games and television.


I’ve spent a lot of time on the road as a touring musician and still play live.  I draw a great deal from that experience and from the context of ensemble recording.  While I enjoy the mad scientist/alchemist side of being in the studio and manipulating soundscapes by myself, I am also a big believer in collaborating with other musicians and the magic that comes from that dialog: air being pushed in a room through a particular tube mic pre, the distinct and unique character of a performance etc.  It has been a wonderful adventure so far and I still get excited as I embark on each new gig.


The musical style of my recent projects run the gamut: a haunting battle score for Jason Rothenberg’s THE 100 (CW.) The score is rife with middle eastern colors and epic orchestral themes. Ken Biller’s international espionage thriller, LEGENDS (TNT) features a more minimalist approach combining solo cello and electronic soundscapes. For the John Hertzfeld’s redemption film “REACH ME” (MIllenium Films), a traditional orchestral score.  A gritty rock score for “CALIFORNICATION” (Showtime), an urgent cerebral score for the crime drama, “PERCEPTION” (TNT) a high energy electronica score for action/thriller “RUN” (Millenium Films.) A dusty western score for “SWELTER” and hip hop for Denis Leary and Bob Fisher’s comedy “SIRENS” (USA).


I've done gigs in every style imaginable: thrillers, comedies, dramas, horror, action, electronica, hip hop, rock, jazz... you name it.  I've done a great deal of work writing and producing songs, recording actors and dealing with pre-records.  Bottom line, I cover a lot of ground with these different projects and in the process, I get the opportunity to make music with some incredibly talented individuals.


I wrote my first song when I was 7 years old, suffice it to say it sucked but the point is that I’ve been writing music for the better part of three or four decades.  Early on, I had classical training, then somewhere along the way I heard Hendrix at which point I decided this music thing might be fun. Nowadays I spend a great deal of time collaborating with filmmakers and so I deal with music as it applies to storytelling.

Thanks for listenin.’

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